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Welcome to Theatre Arts


Theatre Arts 1 is designed to introduce students to beginning acting and directing techniques.  It is a class that focuses on using the creative process and working in small groups. Theatre Arts 2 (Advanced Theatre) is designed to build on this foundation of knowledge and skills.

If you take either Theatre Arts 1 or Advanced Theatre Arts, you can expect to play theatre games that focus on imagination, concentration, movement, cooperation, and sensory awareness.  Students will also work with: improvisation, short scenes, pantomime, basic stage terminology, creative expression, team work, problem solving, audience etiquette, and giving and receiving constructive evaluation.

Theatre is an art form that requires a great deal of cooperation and collaboration.  The student will be expected to: work cooperatively, participate actively stay on task, evaluate self and others in a constructive manner, manage time wisely and exhibit self-discipline and self-intitiative.  Strive to improve and make the choice to learn something new everyday!