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Figurative Language PowerPoint

Good Evening Students!
I am hoping that this will not only be a quick and efficient review of figurative language but it will allow everyone to practice taking notes at their own pace. 
The instructions are as follows: 
Using C-Notes, take detailed notes over the attached PowerPoint. I always recommend using C-Notes because that is the format we will be using the most in the PAP classes. The notes help in organization, memorization, and study skills. 
Here is the timeline I would like everyone to follow:
Monday Night: view PowerPoint and draft notes
Tuesday Night: revise notes and pinpoint key information
Wednesday Night: Collaborate with another student and fill in any gaps on your notes
Thursday Night: Review your notes
Friday in Class: Turn in Notes for a reading/writing grade
Please do not hesitate to ask, if you have any questions over C-Note format.
-Ms. Sharpless