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Welcome Lobos!

My name is Ms. Davila. I am your child's 7th grade reading teacher. I am very excited to have your child in my classroom! I believe it is important to create an authentic student-teacher relationship with your child in order to teach them successfully each day. I work on pushing my students to the best of their ability. With your participation and guidance, I am looking forward to a fabulous year!




Contact me anytime at: davilal@lpisd.org


Supplies for ELA and PreAP:
Each student will need 3 composition books for interactive notebooks throughout the year (composition books only- no spirals)
Students will need a writing utensil every day (pencil or pen, blue or black ink).
Students will need highlighters for annotating novels and in-class text...colored pens are optional for annotations and marking the text.
Students will need index cards for interactive vocabulary practice.
Students will need liquid glue for interactive notebooks.
Students will need child-size scissors for interactive notebooks.
Miscellaneous supplies (optional): Notebook paper, copy paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, markers, colored pencils.
*Label ALL supplies with your student's first and last name* names should go on the inside cover of the composition books
Unit Novels: (Every student must have their own novel, this is crucial to success in class. Novels can be purchased online.)
  1. General Houston's Little Spy by Cara Skinner -available for purchase on campus for a limited time at the beginning of the school year
  2. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton



  1. Farewell To Manzanar by James D. Houston & Jeanne W. Houston  
  2. The Pearl by John Steinbeck
  3. Dark Water Rising by Marian Hale
*****PreAP Prerequisite***** Summer Reading is a prerequisite for PreAP English. I am attaching the PDF file below which provides information regarding summer reading. All preAP students must read Part I of Farewell to Manzanar  before the first day of school (August 28th). The summer reading journal is due on September 1st but needs to be brought to class on August 28th to take notes from class in. (The summer reading journal will count as 1 of the 3 composition books needed for the year). 
Please check your child's grades routinely via parent access- eschool. Missing assignments are usually the culprit for a low grade average. Please make sure your child keeps up with their assignments and homework. This is all crucial to their grade and success in my class. Thank you!

Recent Posts

Wilfred Owen background ppt

Here is the ppt covering background information for Wilfred Owen. Use this information to better understand Owen's purpose for writing the poem "Dulce et Decorum" 
Write in complete sentences and use the c-note format in your interactive journal. 

WWI ppt Background Info.

Here is the WWI Background information ppt to set us up with the knowledge we need to understand the purpose of the poem "Dulce et Decorum" by Wilfred Owen. Please complete c-notes in your interactive journal. 

Invictus-Poem Literary Analysis Assignment

Invictus poem literary anaylsis if you were absent or lost this assignment. Please complete using complete sentences and complete thoughts/answers. Read directions carefully. Fold when complete and put in the pocket in the back of your interactive journal for a grade. 

Invictus Poem

Invictus poem available if you missed class or lost this. Glue this in your interactive journal and complete full annotations. 
  1. underline -- main idea, figurative language 
  2. circle -- numbers, dates, places, key terms, people's names
  3. star -- important information 
  4. question mark -- confusing information

Invictus ppt notes

This will provide you with the background notes we took over William Henley before completing the reading of "Invictus". If you missed class this day or need to catch up on your notes, here they are. Notes must be in c-note format in your interactive journal. 

Unit 1- Poetry Ppt

Use this poetry ppt to take notes if you missed this in class. The notes should be in c-note format in your interactive journal. Don't forget to record this in your table of contents. 
Above are the PDF files you will follow in order to get set up on Remind (note ELA and Preap are separate). This is optional. Remind is a communication tool/app that allows teachers to communicate instantly via text with parents. I will send announcements through Remind regarding homework, assignments, study reminders..etc.