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8th Grade Pre-APScience

Welcome to Hollon's 8th Grade Pre - AP Science!! 
Contact Information:
Remind Info:Text @hollonpap to 81010 to enroll for class updates
Science Fair is required of ALL Pre-AP students.  We will begin in the fall.  There will be a Science Fair Page added to this site. 
Science Fair Page Link


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Semester Review Quizizz

Semester Exam Review - 147632
Force and Motion Review - 629681
Newton's Laws Review - 690401
Moon phases and Tides Review - 977614
Plate Tectonics Review - 344278
Topographic Map Review - 742403

Semester Review Key

Study BOTH sides of your review for your semester test!!
Monday - 1st and 4th period Exams
Tuesday - 2nd and 6th period Exams
Wednesday - 3rd and 7th period Exams
Thursday - 5th period Exams

F=MA worksheet

After you have completed the Video lesson and filled in you notes and worked the example problems you will copy these problems, show your work, and answer them on a CLEAN PAGE of NOTEBOOK paper and turn into the tray.