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"The Lottery" Assignment PAP

Step 1: Read the Story
Step 2: Color Code the following areas
      characters- green
      setting- blue
      conflict- red
      climax- yellow
      conclusion- pink
Step 3: Label the following areas
      rising action
      falling action
Step 4: Color Code AND Label
     Point of View-  orange
     Fig. Lang.- purple (5)
     Vocabulary- gray (5)
Step 5: Answer #1. # 2, #3, #10 of discussion questions in your journal (pg. 31-32). Make sure to write in complete sentences and use textual evidence.

PAP Assignment 9/5/2018

Find a poem that is a minimum of 1 page in length. Open the attached document and answer the questions in complete sentence. Be sure to include as much textual evidence as you feel is needed to answer thoroughly and accurately. Also attach the poem at the end of the word document with at least 3 forms of figurative language highlighted. Email back to me as an attachment.