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It is my goal to teach and coach at the level in which challenges students to rise above and achieve things they never knew they were capable of. I am committed to emphasize the importance of not only completing a task but doing so at the best of one’s ability. I have an extensive background in Football, Track and strength training but have a strong passion for all sports. I come from a family of educators and have a great passion for teaching and coaching kids. I have experience in Special education, such as co-teaching and alternative behavior setting. I will strive to treat each student with care and compassion as if they were my own. I am the ISS teacher here at Lomax Junior High and there is no place I would rather be. My other duties assigned are Football, Basketball, and Track.  
High School: Huffman High School
College: Texas Lutheran University
ISS Teacher
7B / 8A Football
8B Basketball
Track- Throwers (Shotput & Discus)
Period Duty  Times
1st Conference 8:15-9:06
2nd ISS 9:09-10:00
3rd ISS 10:03-10:54
4th ISS 10:57-11:48
A Lunch Lunch 11:53-12:23
5th ISS 12:26-1:29
Enrichment ISS 1:32-2:02
6th ISS 2:05-2:56
7th Athletics 2:59-3:50